As a psychotherapist also trained as a contemporary psychoanalyst, I am committed to respecting your unique self and self-directedness as we explore your inner world of feelings, hopes, dreams, fantasies, thoughts, anxieties, fears, repetitive behaviors, secrets, and memories. I work with individuals of all ages, as well as couples and families. My job is to help create a safe space where trust in the therapeutic relationship supports opening up to your strengths and vulnerabilities, deepening contact with yourself and others as you discover what generates your current pain, conflict, distress, conflicts and reactivated patterns that were once adaptive but now get in your way. I will help you reconnect to, contain and understand your emotional core so that you can ultimately rely on your own inner “knowing” as your best guide. Being able to tolerate and understand what we “know” but don't consciously realize isn’t an easy task for any of us, but can change the way we live with ourselves and others.

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